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Konnichiwa!  Howdy!
Gengo Sentaku

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Q: What is this thing you call GridBloc?
A: GridBloc™ is a brain-bending strategy game in which a blocker traps a runner!
Watch Tutorial or Read Rules or Read Comix

GridBloc, Inc. is a mobile entertainment studio creating original Games, Comix, Greets and iGS™ Technology spanning mobile devices to desktop. GridBloc, Inc. offers licenses for patented/patent-pending content in multiple spoken/device languages for gaming and other mobile uses, such as SMS and MMS. Learn more...

  GridBloc Comix on My Phone

All GridBlocers can play against each other regardless of what flavor they are using!

For when you're at your Desktop PC or on your laptop. Requires Flash Player.
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For when you're at your Desktop PC or on your laptop. Requires Shockwave.
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No Plugins Required! It's perfect for that Smartphone, WebTV, or pretty much any net-connected PDA.

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With your PocketPC Phone Edition or Wi-Fi connected PocketPC and the Flash Player for PocketPC you're good to go!

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Mobile Phone

You got a HTML, WAP or J2ME–ready mobile phone? Well you can join up and play against anyone in the world!

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