Super Being Simple™
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So you wanna license GridBloc™?

GridBloc™ Games, Comix and iGS™ Technology are designed for the vastly overlooked casual-gamers who make products like Tetris® and Snake cultural pastimes. The GridBloc™ Game is an addictive, patented & patent-pending, turn-based, networked strategy game with rich characters, implemented with community, and spanning devices to desktops. Turn-based gameplay removes network latency and bandwidth concerns, while engaging characters are used for opt-in Comix, e-toons, e-cards, screens, logos, MMS and more.

Entertaining anytime, anywhere, from Smartphone or desktop, the simple yet brain-bending gameplay coupled with multi-device access, viral invites & notifications, drives usage. Brand-skinnable content, messaging, and sponsorship opportunities reduce churn, increases data traffic, and increases ARPU.

Besides, Licensing is certainly more benefical for your organization than Patent Infringement, and that includes Japan, China, Korea, Europe, and all other PCT member countries. Anyway, information on how to license the GridBloc™ game and/or the iGS technology and toolkits is available for the asking!

So you wanna license the iGS™ technology?

We still don't blame you. It's a great idea moved beyond the sketch and into a better implementation thats already ready already. Anyway, information on how to license the iGS™ Technology for spanning and integrating devices to desktop and toolkits for games or any application is available for the asking!

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