GridBloc (TM)

I'm on PocketPC & wanna play!

Yeah, I'm on a net-connected PocketPC right now and have the latest Flash Player for PocketPC and want to get in on some super GridBloc™ action!

Requires the Macromedia Flash Player for Pocket PC

I luv my Smartphone

I ain't got no plug-ins, I just wanna play!

I wanna send some E-cards!

Nice!  I can send those e-card thingys to my friends on Smartphones or PPC Phones? Let me at it now!

I wanna read some Comix!

Sweet! You say you've got Comix? in FOUR different languages? Let me in on that hilarious multi-lingual action!

I wanna self-contained GridBloc™

I've want a self-contained version of GridBloc™ that will free me from downloading every time I play!

Requires the Macromedia Flash Player for Pocket PC

I wanna GridBloc™ Roundup!

I'd like to have a little Flash app that will give me shortcuts to my three favorite things on GridBloc: Games, Comix, and Greets!

Requires the Macromedia Flash Player for Pocket PC

I wish for a Hand-Off GridBloc

Yes i want to play head-to-head, well hand-to-hand GridBloc™. We can play by taking turns on this standalone Pocket PC version, ...sweet.
(.exe installer coming...)

Requires the Macromedia Flash Player

I wish I had a PocketPC

No, I DON'T have a PocketPC but I have a computer (obviously!) and want to pretend that i'm on the subway (tube!) going to work playing a game of GridBloc

Requires the Macromedia Flash Player

I'll watch the animated demo

I want to watch an interactive demonstration showing the GridBloc™ gameplay and see what you mean by "Cut Scenes" and other types of in-game animations!

(You can watch this on any device or computer with the Flash Player from Macromedia installed.)

I want to play on HTML

I ain't got no plug-ins, I just wanna play!

I have a Nokia Communicator

I heard you guys did some Flash development for the new (big) 9200 Series Nokia Communicator. Well hop on over and see some of the animations we made specifically for it at the request of Macromedia themselves!

You can also check out the Flash for Nokia 9200 Communicator developers page on Macromedia's site to download GridBloc and other Flash samples to put on your own Nokia Communicator.

I'm on Palm and feel left out!

Don't worry! We're hard at work on a port of everyone's favorite device-agnostic, spoken language-agnostic, turn-based strategy game! Check back in the future for more updates.

Just watch cute reaction scenes

I have Flash, and I am not playing around!

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