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  Basic Gameplay

Basic games are played as Duck and no special running or blocking powers are allowed.

       Advanced Gameplay

Advanced games have additional characters that each have special running powers. Later editions will have Blocker Powers, Bonus Point Tiles, Open Edges, and 3+ player capability.


There are three tenets in the world of GridBloc™ which hold true in both Basic or Advanced gameplay.

1. We Believe in The Game Board.

There are an infinite number of gameboards in this thing called GridBloc™. Some are simple, some quite challenging. The gameboard contains a Start Space, marked with a star, amid a field of tiles which may all be the same shape (such as the square of Basic Games) or mixed shapes, and an arbitrary set of initial walls, called “original walls”.

2. We Believe in Turn-Based Game Play.

Player One will run in the first round, and Player Two will block in the first round. Runner moves first, one step in any direction including diagonal, from the Start Space. Here's some important points for runners and blockers alike to note:

  • Game play alternates between runner and blocker.
  • The runner, in a basic game, may move to one tile up, down, left, right, or in any diagonal direction to any adjoining grid tile that is not blocked by an original wall or placed walls. This includes Backtracking to previously touched tiles.
  • The runner has no specific tile as a goal. The length of the journey is what matters.
  • The blocker places one wall per turn which must follow the grid lines of the game board.
  • Round One is over when the runner has been trapped by the blocker and can no longer score additional points.
  • Players switch roles for Round Two.
  • To start Round Two, walls placed by the blocker, cleverly known as "placed walls," are removed from the gameboard, and all tiles are reset to allow scoring.
  • Game play for the second round is the same as in the first. Like Round One, Round Two ends when the runner has no hope of reaching unscored tiles.

3. And Also the Scoring and Winning.

Here's some equally important points to know about scoring (Heh Heh ... points ... scoring ... Man, I'm a riot, I tells ya! Don't forget to tip your waitresses. You've been great. I mean it. The best audience I've had in weeks and you can tell those other jerks I said that!).

  • The starting tile has no point value.
  • Each new tile on which the runner lands is worth one point per round.
  • A runner may back-track onto a previously scored tile at any time, but the tile is scored only once.
  • The game is over when both players have played one round as blocker.



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