Super Being Helpful™

Hey, thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions about the Gridbloc™ Beta!

This shouldn't take very long and any information you can provide us will only help to make GridBloc™ a more enjoyable product for you! Okay, let's get it on!

0. What is your GridBloc Account Nickname?

my nickname is:  
this field is optional... if you don't have one don't worry about it!

1. A little general information, please.

1A. Age:
under 8 9-13 14-18 19-21 22-28 28-34 35-44 45-65

1B. Gender:
Female (including girl, young lady, woman or grand old dame)
Male (including boy, whippersnapper, man, silver fox)

2. Which GridBloc™ Version do you think you will play most?
Flash in a browser
Flash on a PocketPC
HTML (no Plugins)
Mobile Phone - WAP
Mobile Phone - I-MODE
Mobile Phone - I-APPLI
GameBoy Advance - English
GameBoy Advance - Japanese

3A. What Features do you want most in the public GridBloc™ version 1.0?
Advanced Runners
Blocker Powers
Bonus Point Tiles
Open Edges (allowing "scrolling" as in PacMan™)

3B. Were you aware of the different characters?

3C. And how they make for different Advanced Game strategies?

3D. Which character do you like best?
Duck Cheetah Mouse Kangaroo Bee

3E. Would you rather play without characters, but rather something like a "boot, wheelbarrow, etc."?
Yes No Sometimes

3F. Would you say the game is visually stylin', but without being too cute?
Yes, its a stunning piece of visual mastery. Miki and Derek are to be applauded.
No, I do not like the look, maybe because I am a philistine, and Miki and Derek should be flogged.
Hmmm, it is pretty darn cute, maybe too cute.

4. Where in the world are you now?
USA Canada
Japan China Korea Hong Kong
Elsewhere in Asia, including Australia
England Germany Israel Italy
Elsewhere in Europe, including Central and Eastern Europe
South or Central America

4B. What speed is your Internet Connection?
28.8k 56k DSL Cable Even Faster

4C. How do you rate the wait for the game to download for each version?
Flash in a browser : Fast Enough Not Too Bad ARRGGH! Didn't use

Flash on a PocketPC : Fast Enough Not Too Bad ARRGGH! Didn't use

Shockwave : Fast Enough Not Too Bad ARRGGH! Didn't use

HTML : Fast Enough Not Too Bad ARRGGH! Didn't use

Mobile Phone : Fast Enough Not Too Bad ARRGGH! Didn't use

5. Did you realize that while playing GridBloc™ your opponent could have been using a different version on a different device in a different language?
Yes, and think that is the coolest thing ever!
Yes, but don't care
No, but that is pretty intriguing
No, and don't care

6. Were you invited by a friend (or enemy) to play GridBloc™?

7. Did you invite any friends (or enemies) to play GridBloc™?

8. Did you win?

9. Any comments for us? We read them all...

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