GridBloc (tm)

Super Being Simple™

Mouse!   Bee!   Kangaroo!   Cheetah!

These are the advanced characters of GridBloc™.
In addition to their overwhelming cuteness, they possess great and powerful ... uhhh ... powers!

Click each of them to see what their special powers are and how you can use them to crush unwitting opponents!

Special Running Powers

If all agree, players can choose to play with character powers. Any player may be any character, and all players may be the same character. The runner may use character powers on the first turn, or at any time in the game during the runnerís turn until all the powers are used up. All advanced runners, except Cheetah, can use their powers even after being completely enclosed, or GridBloc-ed, if they have not already been used up.

Please enjoy the list of characters and their super powers, as well as diagrams of their movement on the following pages.
Click on the icons above to learn their secrets!

  That's all well and good but how am I supposed to play as the Blocker?   Or learn about the Basic Character if you feel like keeping it real...real simple!    Play Now!  

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