GridBloc (tm)

Super Being Simple™

Basic Game   Duck!        This is how you block!

Duck = Ø

Duck is a baby character with no special powers. Poor, poor Duck. Maybe someday you will run fast or knock down walls or be able to do any of the miraculous things those other characters do. For now, dream of the possibilities, because being Duck is like being nothing at all.

All wall segments must follow the grid lines of the game-board. The Blocker places one wall along one side of a tile, changing the runner's valid moves. The blocker has placed a new vertical wall along the right edge wall gap, and the runner is trapped, with no NEW tiles to touch! Players then change roles and start the next Round.
  That stuff's pretty self-explanatory but I'm afraid I forgot how to Run!   Or learn about Advanced Characters if you think yer such hot stuff!    Play Now!  

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