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  This is how you Run as Advanced Cheetah!

Mouse!   Bee!   Kangaroo!   Cheetah!


Boy that Cheetah can run!.

Cheetah can run from danger or for fun, but never from itself. During this runner’s turn, Cheetah may take extra steps. All extra steps may be used at once, or used a few at a time. Despite the breakneck speeds involved, super-agile Cheetah may turn corners. Only the square upon which Cheetah stops is scored. Cheetah gets five extra steps per round.

Cheetah diagram 1Cheetah diagram 2Cheetah diagram 3
Some potential Cheetah moves and how many extra steps they use (in red).
  That's all well and good but how am I supposed to play as the Blocker?   Or learn about Advanced Characters if you think yer such hot stuff!    Play Now!  

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