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GridBloc's Partners:

The GridBloc™ Properties and Patents are developed through a close relationship with team smartyPants! inc., a recognized leader in creative media development, as well as a number of other strategic relationships with software and hardware organizations. For example:

Microsoft - After seeing our GridBloc game running in Flash on a PocketPC they whisked us away to show it to the world in the Application Developers Zone at the 2002 3GSM World Congress in Cannes, France!

Orange SPV Microsoft Smartphone Launch - Our good friends at Microsoft called and wondered how long would it take for us to port our content to the Smartphone. Well, using Pocket IE standards,we were able to tweak the HTML clients of GridBloc Game and Comix in literally just a few hours. So they invited us to London to show our stuff at the Orange SPV launch party.

Macromedia - Of course you know them as the makers of Flash. We've been working with them to make compelling content for smartly-sized devices (like PocketPC and Nokia Communicator) using Flash.

Nokia - With the assistance of Macromedia we've been designing and testing original Gridbloc Flash content sized and optimized for their newest line of Communicator mobile phones.

The Monkey Department - We weren't satisfied with the huge amount of platforms it already ran on so we asked The Monkey Department to port the GridBloc Game for J2ME (Mobile Java).

Ant Mobile Software - Makers of FlashAssist PRO, a great piece of software for creating full screen Flash content for Pocket PC devices.

Digital Mercenaries - Our partners in developing wireless and "pass-off" versions of the GridBloc game for the PalmOS - Creators of the Unity socket server, which we are using in the Flash and Shockwave versions of GridBloc.

Drew Davidson, PhD. - Professor in Communications Media at Indiana University of Pennsylvania's Communications Media Department and consulting partner who has his students testing GridBloc for all it's worth. Also, the a.m.s.g.c. has been working with us in a full testing capacity. - A great site full of smartphone news and links! A great place to explore and enjoy... so what ARE you waiting for?

Intrigued? Well, that's understandable. More information is available by contacting us.

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