GridBloc (tm)

To install a self-contained app of GridBloc onto your PocketPC:

Download from Handango!
  1. Make sure you have Macromedia Flash 5 Player installed on your PocketPC. You can get it here.
  2. Download the Gridbloc Game from Handango.
  3. Make sure your PocketPC is in its Sync Cradle.
  4. Run InstallGridBloc.exe from your PC (not the handheld).
Note: GridBloc is a multiplayer net-connected turn-based strategy game. You must have a net connection to play, either via a wireless connection or Sync Cradle to the internet to play. Visit for information on updates, tournaments and single-player enhancements.

Questions? Please contact:

Mario Champion,

Thanks and Enjoy your GridBloc Games!

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