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Mario Champion
GridBloc, Inc.
+1 512 322 0070


GridBloc, Inc delivers full-color wireless GridBloc™ Comix in Four languages directly into the hands of Orange SPV Microsoft Smartphone Owners

On the bus, or in a queue, wherever Microsoft Smartphone owners have 5 minutes, they can snicker (quietly and to yourselves, please) at GridBloc Comix.

Austin, Texas, USA, 14 Jan 2003 — First shown publicly at the late October launch of the Orange SPV Microsoft Smartphone in London, mobile games and entertainment development studio GridBloc, Inc. of Austin, Texas, today announces the public release of GridBloc Comix in four popular languages: English, French, Spanish and Japanese. GridBloc Comix is a free, portable way for citizens all over the world to chuckle their way through airport departure lounges, bank lines and public transit.

Many recent studies propose wireless entertainment, certainly a nascent market in the United States while already quite mature in areas of Asia and Europe, is poised for huge growth globally. Additionally, the United States is positioned to be a major growth market as it catches up to, and in some cases surpasses, overseas mobile technologies, if they can also deliver content ordinary people want, such as picture messaging, games and entertainment.

Designed and formatted specially for the full-color Orange SPV and other rich media wireless and Wi-Fi devices, and based on characters in the GridBloc Game, GridBloc Comix are an absurd satire of American culture and politics. Quite shy of a Doonesbury seriousness, GridBloc Comix adventures include a bee and a cheetah going mano-a-mano for the Presidency, a kangaroo that drives a 15-foot tall SUV, and of course lessons on getting free food, while appearing cultured and fancy.

Technically, GridBloc Comix are available for mobile devices that support Pocket Internet Explorer, such as Microsoft Smartphones and Wi-Fi and Wireless PocketPCs, and other internet-enabled devices capable of displaying jpegs or gifs, such a the T-Mobile SideKick, as well as desktop browsers. Support for additional devices, such a BREW and J2ME mobiles is expected shortly. GridBloc Comix are delivered via opt-in SMS (and soon MMS) with a hyper-link recognized by compliant devices. Or, via a visit to

"American culture has a lot to offer…as a source for comedy worldwide," says Mario Champion, chief creative officer for GridBloc, Inc., "and often the best laugh is the one at yourself. So who better to provide a good-natured ribbing of American culture and politics than good-natured Americans."

"As mobile content developers, the future is exciting, and sometimes more so than it is realistic or worthwhile," adds Mr. Champion, "but really great devices like the Orange SPV Microsoft Smartphone allows the fun of GridBloc Comix to be delivered right into the hands of people today — and that is the most exciting thing of all."


GridBloc™ Games and Comix are designed for the vastly overlooked casual-gamers who make Tetris© and Snake into cultural pastimes. The GridBloc Game is an original (patented and patent-pending), addictive, networked strategy game with rich characters, implemented with community, and spanning WAP, J2ME and Smartphone mobile devices to desktop browsers via GridBloc, Inc.’s proprietary iGS technology system. Turn-based game-play removes network latency and mobile bandwidth concerns, while engaging characters are used for affiliated opt-in Comix, screens, and MMS.

About GridBloc, Inc.

GridBloc, Inc. is an Austin, Texas-based mobile entertainment company offering creative content and technology. GridBloc, Inc. develops original Games, Comix, and iGS Technology which span and integrate mobile devices to desktops, and offers development and licenses for patents-pending content and services in multiple spoken and device languages for gaming and other mobile data uses, such as SMS and MMS. Visit for more information and, of course, to play games.

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Mario Champion
GridBloc, Inc.
+1 512 322 0070

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